Welcome to our Vision community

I realize that as the pastor of the church, I may be the face or the first person people associate with this church… but I shouldn’t be.  The best part of Vision is the people. I love them not because they’re perfect.  We’ve got flaws in our little tribe.  But here’s what I’ve discovered: although the people in our congregation have attained many personal achievements whether they are educational, pertaining to career or financial, they carry themselves with a down-to-earth hospitality and humility.  At the same time, Visionites genuinely seek to know God and learn to live a life beyond self.  They are real in their love for others and for God.  (Another big plus… Vision Church is a lot of fun to be with).  That’s what you want in a church.  And as a native, I’ll tell you it’s a rare find in the city. 

One of the hardest parts of maturing is learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and accepting who you can and cannot be.  We are not chameleons who can adapt to every person’s need.  And Vision Church is not for everyone.  We are primarily an Asian-American young adult church. We’re not a rah-rah college community or youth congregation.  If you still need to get your hype on, you might want to try someplace else.  We are people in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with a few 50-somethings learning to see God in the everyday and learning how to become a community that reflects God’s grace.  We encourage you to seek God’s leading and calling in finding a church!  Let us know how we can help you decide if Vision is the right place for you.  We’ll even suggest other churches to check out!  Life is hard enough when you are where you’re supposed to be.  It’s exponentially tough and nebulous when you are not.  We hope to be a blessing to you as we help you find your place. 

As for me, let’s connect via Facebook; it’s easier to show you my life than it is to tell you about it. 

I’m also available to meet: please write me at pastorjoseph@visionchurch.org and I promise to be friendly.  Or at least NY friendly. 



Joseph Tsang

Senior Pastor