Intervarsity’s mission is to establish and advance witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord at colleges and universities. Intervarsity helps transform lives, renew campuses and develop world changers through their programs and conferences.


Vision Church supports the ministry of Greg Jao, Intervarsity’s National Field Director for the Northeast cluster.  Greg leads Intervarsity’s undergraduate ministries from Maine to Washington, D.C – which involves over 7,300 students. He trains senior staff leaders, and preaches at college fellowships and churches. He is also the point person leading Intervarsity’s response on campuses where IV’s presence is challenged by campus administrators.

Debra Chang

Debra serves as a campus staff member for Intervarsity at Harvard and MIT. Debra specifically serves the Asian fellowships on these two campuses. In her everyday, she focuses on evangelism and discipleship, leadership training, and teaching in the form of Bible studies and giving talks at Friday large group meetings when the entire fellowship gathers.