On a sweltering Sunday afternoon in July 1997, Pastor John Ng, about 40 people from Oversea Chinese Mission Church's English congregation, and other attendees gathered for Vision Church's very first worship service with a mission to reach Chinese American New Yorkers.

Over the years, Vision has evolved to become an Asian-American church that embraces people from all ethnicities and backgrounds in a non-denominational Christian tradition. We're a mix of children, singles, and couples. We're students, professionals, and full-time moms. We're believers, seekers, even skeptics – all here to figure out what it means to connect meaningfully with God and with one another. 

Vision meets on Sundays at 4:30 PM in the Upper West Side. During the week, we disperse to smaller, more intimate gatherings in neighborhoods throughout the city. We invite you to join us in wrestling with faith, to tell God's story, and to live a life beyond ourselves.